Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

Spring floralsCall me #basic, but I’m all over the floral/pastel/everything pretty trend for Spring and Summer 2015 (and every year, for that matter). My closet doesn’t consist of a lot of pretty, girly frills (read: I wear black-on-black all day everyday), but there are a few pieces that I just cannot resist. Here are some of my favourite fun floral finds of the season.

Crop top: Sure, this RED Valentino crop top is close to a month’s rent, but a top in this cut and pattern is a must-have for the season.

Accessories: If you’re not quite ready for head-to-toe floral (I get it), then start by adding accessories to give a fresh Spring/Summer vibe to your look. I’m obsessed with those Nike Air Max 1’s!

Kimono: 2014 was all about kimonos and I’m making sure that 2015 follows suit! The one I currently have is hands down one of the most comfortable and easy pieces of in my closet!

Shorts: Floral-trimmed shorts scream summer music festival and lounging at the park, which happen to be two of my favourite activities.


Credits: Stylebop, Selfridges, lucluc, H&M, zeroUV, amazon, H&M, H&M, Otte

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