The “Open When…” Project

Open When...

Last December, my boyfriend and I had to say goodbye to each other for the first time in over a year and start our LDR. I was moving to Toronto and he was staying in Montreal for school. I wanted to do a small little something for him to make the whole thing suck a little bit less. Over to Pinterest I went and I found this cute “Open When…” envelope idea. They are simply a collection of letters for him to open during certain occasions while we’re apart.

Disclaimer: If you do not like cute ‘n’ corny things, then you probably will not enjoy this post so keep on scrolling. But if you can appreciate a good old-fashioned, lovey-dovey gesture, then you’ve come to the right place! 

The result: Not only did I have a really great time making them (it was so nice to write the letters for him knowing that they would put a smile on his face sometime in the future), but he also really enjoyed opening them and feeling my presence even when I couldn’t physically be with him.

Keep reading for a step-by-step DIY.

Open When... (2)

What you need:

  • envelopes (I made my own – check out this super easy tutorial)
  • paper (for the letters)
  • small items to put in as gifts (like gift cards, tea, etc.)

1. Decide how many “Open When…” letters you want to make. Since I knew we would only be apart for 4 months, I decided to make 12 letters so he would have a few each month. It’s up to you!

2. Choose themes for each. You can make them as random or as personal as you want. Pinterest has endless examples of things to write about. Here are the ones I chose:

  1. You’re on the plane (I used this one to lead him to the first envelope hidden in his room)
  2. First envelope
  3. You miss me
  4. We’re together
  5. You need cheering up (I put a $5 Starbucks gift card in this one…)
  6. You want to take a trip down memory lane (I filled it with pictures, ticket stubs, etc.)
  7. You’re sick or hurt (Camomile tea in this one :D)
  8. It’s our anniversary
  9. You’re thinking about our future
  10. We’re fighting (He luckily hasn’t opened this one yet…)
  11. You want to be reminded why I love you
  12. It’s your last letter

Open When...(3)

3. Stuff your envelopes! This is the fun part… take your time and enjoy writing the letters, knowing that they will put a massive smile on your s/o’s face. Choose small things that are meaningful to you and your relationship to add.

4. Feel awesome about yourself for having just completed a great project that will make your LDR just a little bit easier and that will ultimately bring you closer, even when you’re miles apart.

All images are by me. This is NOT an original idea, it was inspired by many other bloggers and Pinterest posts. 

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