I guess need I to stop saying that I never complete a DIY because since I started this blog, I have successfully done 3 projects from start to (almost) finish. Three claps for Erinn! I guess that’s what happens when you decide to move on a very tight budget…This fun project was inspired by Make and Tell. I’ve been obsessing over everything with eyes for a while now and this make-your-own fabric seemed too good not to a try.


Following the instructions from Make and Tell, I gathered my supplies, most of which I found around the house. The only thing I had to buy was fabric paint. I used Martha Stewart‘s Multi-Surface satin paint which I fell in love with – it was really smooth and pigmented and dried super fast. Oh, and it was like $3 at Walmart!

Eye 3

Laying my fabric flat, I stamped it with my toilet paper roll eye outline. My suggestion here is that you draw an arrow on the pre-cut edge (it’s smoother than what your scissors will cut) and that you make sure you get a good amount of paint on each time. I would sometimes double-stamp and it would come out looking faded.

Eye 4

From there, I used the smaller toilet paper roll circle to make the pupil of the eye and painted in the rest and made lashes. I think I got a little carried away on some eyes and made their lashes a little bit too voluminous, though.

And that was it! This was a super quick project that took probably under 30 mins. And now to actually make the cushions this fabric is intended for…

Do you have any DIY fabric suggestions? I’d love to take a look and try them out! Leave me a comment below. Thanks Make and Tell for the awesome idea.


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