DIY: Apartment furniture before and afters

Thanks to generous donations from family members, a couple of trips to the hardware store and some great thrift shop finds, my apartment is completely furnished (until I decide to change it all around on my bf, of course).

I am proud of my work, as one should be with DIY projects, so I have decided to post a round-up of some before and after pics of my pieces. Take a look!

Reupholstered chair

I completed this project a while ago (see the original post here!) and am still so happy with it! I love the original shape and structure of the chair and the fact that it was from my Great Grandfather’s doctor practice. The modern fabric makes it a fresh addition to my apartment.





Bar stools

This was a quickie project. I found these bar stools at a garage sale for $10 each and the hunter green legs would have totally clashed with my lime green walls. I sanded down the surfaces and painted them a Benjamin Moore grey-brown and voila!





Dining Room Table

This beautiful Duncan Phyfe table came from a family member who had used it as an outdoor patio table for years (yikes!), causing it to severely wear and discolour. It needed a good sponge bath, a couple of hours of sanding a nice finish. I will dedicate a post to this table in the future, coming from a furniture refurnishing virgin, to show you the steps I took.





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