Festival fashion for every style tribe

Festival Fashion


Your style tribe: Boho. You take the 70’s comeback trend very seriously, incorporating florals, fringe and suede into every outfit you wear. Bonus points for hitting all three. #triplethreat

Your festival fashion: A suede camel skirt and boots are your go-to. Accessorize with layered midi rings and a dainty body chain to make it a 2015-acceptable look.

Your shopping hot spots: Free People, Anthropologie, Ardene

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.09.07 PM


Your style tribe: You’d never use those words to describe your friend group, because you’re way cooler than that. You were a goth/punk/”scene kid” in high school, and today you translate that look into something more fashionable and cool.

Your festival fashion: Since it’s the middle of summer and it’s going to be like, 100 degrees, black skinnies and a button-down just won’t cut it. Opt for breathable fabrics like mesh in your fave colours (b&w) and layer on the cool girl accessories.

Your shopping hot spots: Aritzia, Topshop, asos

Festival Fashion


Your style tribe: Disney princess wannabes.

Your festival fashion: Cartoon character printed everything, quirky shapes and patterns, statement sunnies, platforms.

Your shopping hot spots: asosboohoo, Wildfox

Head to my Polyvore page for all the outfit details!

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