DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is approaching so fast that it’s scary, so I’m going to throw it way back to a Halloween post that I featured one of my old blogs. I created six different DIY costumes that you can create using items that you likely already own, minus a couple of pieces here and there. On the menu: a sexy leopard, a hip mime and a glam ringleader!

DIY Halloween 1

Leopard costume: a leopard print dress (or skirt and top combo), black ears (easy to DIY if needed!), black heels, red lipstick, a black clutch and leopard-print accessories.

DIY Halloween2

Mime costume: a beret, a striped top, black pants, a red scarf, suspenders, black eye liner (for mime makeup), red lip gloss and black flats.


Ring leader costume: a blazer, a top hat, a sparkly top, a black skirt, a whip, black knee socks and knee boots, red lip gloss and a sparkly clutch. 

Check out my Pinterest page for more costume ideas and head to Polyvore for outfit details.

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