Drunching in Toronto: Kalendar


The only thing that can get me out of my duvet-cocoon on weekends is a really good TV/movie marathon (like PLL or Christmas movies or something along those lines) and/or brunch. If I’m getting out of my warm and cozy bed and covering up evidence of partying from the night before, I make damn well sure that it’s worth it. I can confirm that brunch at Kalendar was worth it.

This Toronto-favourite is just steps away from my apartment in Little Italy. I’ve been meaning to go for a while now (their amazing flower-filled patio is what originally caught my eye) but had never actually gotten around to it. When Googling “Best brunch spots in Little Italy”, Kalendar popped up several times, so I had to check it out.

Kalendar’s brunch menu consists mainly of omelettes which all looked like a delicious (and healthy!) option, but I told myself that I wanted to try something that wouldn’t be so easy to make at home. Banana and Mango Stuffed Toast, it was! I was right – there’s no way in hell that I would be able to make something like this at home. For starters, french toast is not my forte, and trying to stuff it with fruit would result in an utter disaster.


Photo: Kalendar

I was very satisfied with my entire experience. The food was delicious (the french toast was moist and flavourful with the added fruit), the drinks were exceptional (freshly squeezed OJ and some of the best restaurant coffee I’ve ever had*) and the overall ambience at Kalendar was warm and welcoming. I loved their cozy yet sophisticated decor. The downside? The service wasn’t overly quick considering the amount of people that were in the restaurant, but I really liked our waiter who was friendly and helpful.

If I were to go back, I’d try out one of their omelettes for something different and one of their alcoholic brunch beverages if I was feeling up to it, like their beermosa.

*After asking our waiter what kind of coffee they used (so I could stock up, of course) I was informed that they put cinnamon in their coffee. They add a bit to the coffee grounds before brewing it, giving it a little hint of deliciousness.

Have you been to Kalendar? I’d love to hear what you tried and your thoughts!

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