Brand Profile: Colleen Poitras

Colleen Poitras1

Ever come across a new brand and think to yourself “why haven’t I heard of this before”? Well I do all the time. Due to my obsession with social media, I tend to discover new brands on the daily! My latest discovery? Colleen Poitras.

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Current obsession: Fave Beauty Prods Summer 2015

Crying because summer is almost over, but jumping for joy because I have found so many new favourite products. Here are the items I find myself reaching to day after day while getting pretty in the a.m.

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DIY: Apartment furniture before and afters

Thanks to generous donations from family members, a couple of trips to the hardware store and some great thrift shop finds, my apartment is completely furnished (until I decide to change it all around on my bf, of course).

I am proud of my work, as one should be with DIY projects, so I have decided to post a round-up of some before and after pics of my pieces. Take a look!

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June was a crazy month.

And that’s an understatement.

I moved. (The third move I’ve made this year).

For those of you have moved, ever, you know the huge pain-in-the-ass that it is. The planning, the boxes (oh, those damn boxes), the furniture shopping (IKEA is fun for like 1 second), the set-up, the switching mailing addresses… you get it.

Sure moving is super fun and exciting and saying #BYEFELICIA to your parents’ house for the last time is a great feeling too, but there is just so. much. work. that comes with moving.

With that, I think that I am finally settled. Furniture has been bought and assembled (-ish), internet is set up (that was a dark couple of wifi-free weeks) and more importantly, I am feeling happy and settled in my new home!

Hello, Toronto and welcome back to my blog. Stay tuned for pics of the new pad!